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Oil Paintings
Peter Hadfalvi has studied physics and mathematics in Europe. Graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology as an electrical engineer, and, is a registered professional engineer.

Since early childhood he was drawing and painting.  Later on in the sixties he started to paint again. During this time Peter has exhibited in Pennsylvania and has received first prize award for his Pennsylvania landscape.

In the nineties after a twenty-five year break he started to paint again. He has and is exhibiting in South Carolina.  His paintings are in collections in Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and in Europe.

He attended workshops with Charles Gruppe,William A. Herring, Ben Konis, Tom Lynch, Joyce Nagel,  Sheila Parsons, Joyce Pike, Carlton Plummer,  and Frank Webb.

Water color and oil are Peter's favorite mediums. In his paintings he shows his feelings and emotions which he hopes are transpired to the viewer.

Sheila Parsons       -  Keep painting those gorgeous pieces.                                 
William A. Herring - You have a real touch and when you hit you hit it.                                  
                             -  Your touch with watercoor is of the very ethereal  touch.

He is a member of the South Carolina Watercolor Society.

Photography is his other interest. He has received several prizes for his photographs including first and best of show prizes.   

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